Softswiss statistics indicate that a significant 78% of all bets are made through mobile devices

Softswiss has released statistics on the popularity of betting in various sports and betting patterns.

According to the statistics, the most popular sports for bets on the Softswiss platform are football, basketball, and tennis.

Alexander Kamenetskyi, the Head of Softswiss’ Sportsbook, stated that esports is growing and bettors should pay attention to the momentum of cyber sports.

Kamenetskyi, Head of Softswiss Sportsbook, said: “Esports is on the rise, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive seeing a 339% increase in bets and a remarkable 388% increase in the Bet Sum. League of Legends and Dota 2 are also thriving in the world of cybersports. We must keep an eye on this trend.”

The statistics show that 78% of bets were made on mobile devices, with only 22% on desktop. The availability of mobile betting has made people more spontaneous and likely to bet on sports.

To cater to this demand, Softswiss Sportsbook has developed a mobile application for partners.

The statistics also reveal that 62% of bets are on live events, with the average live event bet being twice that of pre-match wagers. In light of this, the Softswiss Sportsbook team recommends using bonuses like Comboboost to encourage more combo bets.

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