Thai law enforcement has initiated a comprehensive campaign to crack down on illicit wagering activities

Last week, Thai authorities conducted an extensive operation to uncover online gambling networks in 17 locations across Bangkok and its suburbs. This included the home of a renowned actress and her husband which was suspected of being linked with these activities. As part of this mission, commandos from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau were granted permission to investigate evidence related to illegal gaming operations throughout Thailand.

Police officers recently conducted a high-profile search operation in the exclusive Bang Kapi district of Bangkok, home to celebrity actress Yardthip Rajpal and her husband Mek Rama – an entrepreneur renowned as one of Phuket’s leading hoteliers. During their examination they discovered undisclosed assets amounting to more than 1 billion baht within a secret room with its own safe. In addition, three large vans alongside luxury vehicles such as Ferrari and BMW were confiscated by police which have been linked to charges being brought against Mr Mek for collusion pertaining online gambling activity as well as violations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

A whistleblower has emerged in Thailand, with claims of involvement from former massage parlor mogul Chuvit Kamolvisit. His Facebook post alleged that a certain Mr. M was living lavishly despite his rumored connections to an online gaming and gambling network – driving around in a red Ferrari worth 200M Baht no less! Subsequently, Mek is said to have been identified as being at the helm of this football-related betting scandal.

As part of “Operation Shadow App,” the Royal Thai Police Force executed raids on 17 locations across Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Sa Kaeo and Phitsanulok. This swift action captured nine suspects in seven different sites and confiscated nearly 2 million baht in cash with multiple vehicles and mobile phones being seized as well. Furthermore 45 bank accounts are now under investigation for further details pertaining to this operation.

Thai authorities are taking decisive action to tackle illegal gambling activity, both online and in-person.

Thailand’s police force have been relentless in their mission to combat illegal gambling. In recent months, they raided residences without warning and shut down a number of online operations during the Covid-19 crisis, prosecuting proprietors with fines and charges.

Thai authorities are currently discussing the official legalization of gambling, with horse race betting and state lotteries already authorized. If approved, this reform would open a highly regulated market that could bring great benefit to many citizens in Thailand.

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