In a move to ensure responsible gaming, the Balearic Islands are introducing warning signs on their slot machines

The Balearic Islands, a Spanish archipelago nestled in the Balearic Sea, is taking proactive steps to reduce gambling-related harm by updating slot machines with cautionary messages and less encouraging features. As a first for Spain, this move displays their commitment towards protecting citizens from gaming addictions.

Slot machines are undergoing a major update, with the inclusion of an interactive warning screen that tests users on their age and understanding of poteintial gambling addictions. Additionally, certain features will be disabled to help ensure players don’t overextend themselves – when no one is playing the machine it won’t even show lights or sounds anymore; instead just displaying an important reminder about responsible gaming.

Guided by the Government’s mandate, effective 8 April 2022 new restrictions have been put in place with a singular focus on safeguarding vulnerable individuals. The latest laws are much more stringent compared to past regulations at the local level.

As a reminder to the citizens of this island group, more than 5,000 slot machines are in need of adaptation as soon as possible. Authorities have set 2024 as the official deadline mandated by law but its success relies on compliance from all players that partake in these activities. Only time will tell if we can achieve our goal and create an environment focused on safety – both for today’s generation and those yet to come!

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