Forbes’ World Billionaires list is being dominated by the gaming industry

This week Forbes revealed their exclusive ‘World’s Billionaires List, featuring a total of 2,640 billionaires worldwide. Notable figures from the casinos and gaming industries made up an impressive 24 members among this sought-after club.

A new business report reveals that the collective wealth of billionaires around the globe has dropped by approximately $500 billion compared to last year, totaling an estimated net value of $12.2 trillion.

Dr. Miriam Adelson has continued to reign supreme as the wealthiest gaming mogul in the world, thanks to late husband Sheldon’s founding of Las Vegas Sands. Now with an impressive net worth estimated at $35 billion, she is ranked number 35 on Forbes’ list of billionaire entrepreneurs worldwide – a jump from last year by a whopping $7.5 billion!

Miriam Adelson & Family, the 35th wealthiest tycoons in gaming according to Forbes 2023 list and heirs of former Las Vegas Sands CEO and Chairman Sheldon Adelson, has secured a staggering $35.7 billion net worth through their majority ownership of this renowned gambling empire with casinos located across Singapore and Macao as well as listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, an Israeli power couple in American politics, gave a stunning $180 million to Republican campaigns last year. Dr. Miriam had her own stake on the matter as she was devoted to treating addiction cases through medicine. Come February 2022 Vegas Sands sold its Las Vegas holdings such as Venetian Resort & Casino and the Sands Expo Convention Center for a whopping 6 billion plus dollars – testament of their success over time!

At 114th position, Lui Che Woo stands out as the chairman of Galaxy Group with a net worth of $15.2 billion.

The renowned Lui Che Woo is the chairman of Macau-based casino giant Galaxy Entertainment Group, and Hong Kong’s premier property developer K. Wah International Holdings. From humble beginnings as a supplier of construction materials, Mr.Lui has seen KWah rapidly expand to become an international leader in land development spanning both HK and mainland China alike!

Lui Che Woo, originally a supplier of gravel in postwar Hong Kong, gained widespread accolade when he created the grand scale donation of $1.2 billion to endow his foundation and establish The Lui Che Prize. His eldest son Francis is currently overseeing Galaxy’s operations while Paddy and Alexander aid their father at K Wah Group – continuing on with the family legacy.

Karel Komarek, founder of Allwyn Group (a lottery business), is ranked 248 on Forbes’ Billionaires List with a net worth of $8.3 billion!

After the democratic transformation of Czech Republic, Karel Komarek began his journey through different ventures in the oil and gas industry. In 2010, passion for entrepreneurship took him away from family business as he founded esteemed investment group – KKCG; specialized in a variety of sectors such as entertainment, IT solutions , real estate and biomedicine .

In 2016, Komarek catalyzed a remarkable transformation when he founded the Sazka Group. Soon after its rebranding to Allwyn, this tech-savvy enterprise skyrocketed from obscurity and subsequently earned laurels as the most prominent lottery operator in Europe. By 2022 his ambitions had burgeoned further with an agreement for a merger of Allwym with SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) – paving its metamorphosis into becoming one of illustrious publicly listed companies on stock exchanges across the continent!

Enrique Razon Jr. has established himself as an esteemed ports operator throughout the world, with his company International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) operating in various regions from Asia-Pacific to Eastern Europe and beyond. He currently serves as ICTSI’s chairman, making sure that it remains at the forefront of international port management for many years to come.

Razon’s family has been involved in the shipping industry since his grandfather first set sail with a small port in Manila back in 1916. Although World War II caused severe damage to the business, it was not enough to keep them down as Razon’s father courageously rebuilt and flourished alongside his son who expanded their operations around the world.

Bloomberry Resorts, belonging to the Razon family’s businesses in hospitality and energy sectors, made headlines recently due its prime asset Solaire Resort & Casino situated in The Philippines. Despite unfavorable market conditions causing a postponement of their $518 million IPO until 2023 H1, enthusiasm for the project remains strong.

Johann Graf, the owner of Novomatic and impressive net worth of a staggering $7.2 billion is at an enviable 313th position on the world’s wealthiest people list!

Johann Graf, a remarkable entrepreneur and the founder of Novomatic Group – a worldwide leader in casino management and gaming technology – has risen from humble beginnings. Starting out as an importer of American pinball machines to Austria through Belgium at his grandparents’ behest instead of taking over their butcher shop, he eventually became agent for British slot machine firm before embarking on founding his own company: Novomatic. His success was further solidified after 1989 when markets in Switzerland and throughout Eastern Bloc opened up following the break-up if the Iron Curtain.

Denise Coates, co-CEO of Bet365 and 326th on the list of wealthiest people in Britain is worth an impressive $7 billion.

With her brother John as co-CEO, Denise Coates is the entrepreneurial force behind Bet365 – one of the world’s leading online gaming companies. In 1999, upon realizing growing opportunities in the tech domain and driven by an accountant’s eye for detail, she bought out several family betting shops before selling them to Coral bookmaker. She then acquired Domain name “Bet365” and just a year later launched it into existence!

Coates is a major shareholder of closely held Bet365, whose customers annually place bets totaling an astounding $65 billion.

The founder of Playtech, Teddy Sagi, is a booming success with $5.5 billion in his account and an impressive ranking at 458!

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