On July 1st, the Netherlands will join a global trend of limiting pervasive advertising to promote citizens’ privacy

Last month, Minister Franc Weerwind revealed in a parliamentary answer that the Netherlands’ long-awaited gambling advertising ban is officially set to go into effect on July 1st. 

This sweeping measure targets any form of iGaming promotion from public areas, television programming and radio stations as part of an effort to reduce untargeted marketing prevalent within the industry nationwide.

With the aim of increasing efficiency in terms of safety and preventing major accidents, a Member of Parliament proposed an innovative method to be enforced by KSA – “Two Strikes And You’re Out.” According Minister Weerwind however, such plan would not prove effective for their purpose.

Minister Weerwind noted that in many cases, simple conversations about transfers are usually enough to ensure compliance with regulations. In the event of non-compliance however, a financial penalty may be added or substituted for an order subject to periodic payment arrangements.

To achieve the desired outcome, it is critical that regulators have some flexibility to accommodate customization. A one-size-fits all approach does not fit with this concept and thus cannot be an effective strategy.

In an effort to prevent online gambling from becoming normalized with underage users, a politician has declared that the “two strikes” method is insufficient and requires further prevention. A ban on such activities will now be enforced as needed.

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