We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the CJ Performer program, which comes with a fresh look and improved features

After 18 successful years, the CJ Performer (CJP) program has officially reached adulthood. With a fresh new look and exciting additions, the CJP program is set to excel once again as one of the most distinguished highlights of the top-performing publishers within the CJ network. Over the past 18 years, the CJP community has grown and transformed, inspiring CJP to reevaluate its influence and make necessary updates. To that end, the CJP program now has new entry requirements, including:

  •  CJ Performers now have global eligibility and can operate in any country. Additionally, custom thresholds have been implemented, ensuring publishers in specific regions are highlighted based on their relevance for increased performance and success.
  • CJ Performers Now Included in CJP Development Management Tiers for Enhanced Engagement and Performance Standards.
  • As part of our standard business practice, CJP publishers are expected to actively engage in ongoing discussions and dealings with advertisers throughout our network. This fosters productive relationships that benefit all parties involved.
  •  To become a CJ Performer, minimum commission thresholds must be met, which differ by country and can be reached through multiple accounts.
  • CJ Publishers Eligibility to be Reviewed and Approved by CJP Team and Network Quality.

We are looking for the perfect CJ Performer who embodies a strong work ethic and has the capacity to generate increased revenue. They must be actively involved with the network and passionate about collaborating with others in accordance with program rules and guidelines. For those who aspire to become a member of our elite team, please refer to our website for further details.

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