Twitter is currently in the throes of a tumultuous fight against an anonymous source code leaker

Following the posting to GitHub by user FreeSpeechEnthusiast, efforts have been made this week to reveal who exactly lies behind their pseudonym – and it has all culminated with Elon Musk’s success at obtaining court approval for such investigative measures. 

Accordingly, famed software platform Github now faces intense pressure from authorities as they are tasked with supplying sufficient details regarding ‘FreeSpeechEnthusiast’ before April 3rd or risk potential consequences if not met.

Despite the determined efforts of Tesla CEO Musk, tracking down who is responsible for compromising sensitive materials from within their system won’t be a simple task. SocialMediaToday points out that those with enough know-how to take and release such confidential codes have likely already taken measures in covering up their tracks – making it difficult to identify them amidst an ever changing digital landscape. 

As Twitter moves into damage control by investigating any suspicious behavior, time will tell if this data breach can truly be eradicated.

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