Has Musk’s new revenue program convinced affiliates to return to Twitter/X?

X News Daily reports that X has made a surprising move by significantly lowering the requirements to enter its revenue share program. Previously, one needed 500 followers, a subscription to X Premium or Verification for Organizations, and 15 million post impressions in the last three months. Now, the impression requirement has been reduced to 5 million.

This change may have a big impact, as it has been noted that very few users are able to meet the previous impression requirement. However, while this may sound like good news for potential affiliates, it may not be so pleasing for those already in the revenue program. With fewer impressions, there will be fewer ad impressions and lower overall ad revenue. This could be problematic for a platform that is already struggling to generate income.

Some have even raised concerns that this change could potentially lead to more hate-filled and low-quality content on the platform, which could prompt negative interactions from users.

On the other hand, this change could benefit affiliates who were previously unable to meet the impression limit and were excluded from the program. While Twitter may have its own challenges as a social media marketing platform, for those whose target audience is found on Twitter/X, the opportunity to post and monetize content on the platform is hard to resist. Perhaps with more affiliates returning to the platform, users will follow suit, leading to a revitalization of X as a better platform.

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