The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality has announced a groundbreaking initiative to battle gambling problems. They are committing a significant NOK32 million (£2.43 million) to fund research, prevention, and treatment. The aim is to better understand and mitigate the harmful effects of gambling, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and evidence-based interventions.

This is not just a financial commitment from the government, but a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders. Monopoly operator Norsk Tipping is leading the way with funding, supported by contributions from the Lotteries and Foundations Authority, the Media Authority, the Directorate of Health, and the Research Council.

This unified approach demonstrates the government’s dedication to effectively addressing gambling issues by utilizing diverse resources. It reflects a comprehensive strategy that aims to make a significant impact.

The funding will be allocated specifically to research on gambling harm. Culture and Equality Minister Lubna Jaffery has praised the success of prior efforts, highlighting that the number of Norwegians with gambling problems has halved since 2019. This is evidence that the government’s combined efforts are yielding results. Minister Jaffery emphasizes the effectiveness of Norway’s unique regulations, which include maximum loss limits, bans on advertising by foreign gambling entities, bans on payment intermediaries, and proactive prevention strategies.

The allocated funds align with the Action Plan for 2022-2025, which is focused on reducing gambling-related issues and promoting knowledge sharing. The plan not only seeks to address existing problems but also prioritizes prevention and education to ensure that fewer individuals develop gambling-related challenges.

As the Norwegian government continues to invest in proactive measures, this financial injection will strengthen the positive progress in combating gambling problems and safeguarding the well-being of its citizens.

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