The New York Gaming Commission has published its financial report for September 2023, detailing the performance of commercial casinos, mobile sports wagering, and video gaming throughout the state.

In comparison to September 2022, there was a $2.1 million decrease in the total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for commercial casinos, dropping from $61.7 million to $59.6 million in September 2023.

Examining the data for the four commercial casinos monitored by the NY Gaming Commission, there is an overall 3% decrease, which is a small yet notable decline that is not reflected in the other sectors.

The GGR for mobile sports wagering in September 2023 reached $165.6 million, showcasing a 16% increase compared to the previous year’s report. Noteworthy contributors to this figure are FanDuel, with a GGR of $76.9 million in September 2023 as opposed to $65.7 million in September 2022, and DraftKings, with a September 2023 GGR of $61.4 million compared to $44.9 million the previous year.

The video gaming sector in the New York gambling industry had a significant increase in income compared to the previous year, with a net win of $191.7m in September 2023 – a 6% growth from last year’s $180.2m win.

Although commercial casinos experienced a slight decrease in revenue, the overall New York gambling industry is thriving. These figures suggest that players are increasingly favoring online gambling over land-based casinos, but it also highlights that the land-based casino sector remains profitable and popular among players.

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