Promotion of online casinos is one of the primary tasks for managers of a gambling brand. Rather, even the most important task, since without players, it is impossible to design a business process. In order to start advertising a new brand in the gambling world, you need to have a number of knowledge and skills, as well as have a clear marketing strategy.

All casino operators should understand that even if they connect ultra-modern and popular games, connect the necessary payment methods, they just won’t have players. They need to focus on advertising.

Nowadays, when the launch of the casino has ceased to be something strange, scary and incomprehensible, almost any person who has investments of more than 100,000 euros can create such a project. Unfortunately, most of these new casino brands most often close after half a year – a year after the start. This is often due to one factor – funding has ended.

Why is this happening? There can be many reasons, but one of the most important – The marketing strategy was incorrectly developed (or it was not at all).

Features of online casino marketing

If you started this business with full confidence that you can organize yourself targeted traffic without any problems – we are forced to upset you. This is the biggest mistake. As practice shows, out of 100% of the possible partners who can redirect their game traffic to you, only 30% agree to easily add your project to your site. Or, start actively promoting it on your resources. And only 10% (at best) of these 30 will bring you players. The remaining 70% of affiliates will be divided into groups: They won’t answer at all. / They will answer your messages for a very long time. / They will want large amounts for integration / They will want a big deal. / They will come up with some kind of nonsense just to make more money, or in principle not to start cooperation. And not because they are bad, but because the market is overheated with offers. Lots of new casinos!

If you have your own traffic specialists, we advise you to use the following channels to attract customers: Google AdWordsGoogle PlayYahooFacebookTelegram. (More details about these resources we will tell below)

How to start marketing of online casinos

First of all, you must decide which markets you want to work in. Next, you need to prepare the site for the markets: Make a full translation into the desired language; Prepare special banners targeted at the market; Arrange with all popular deposit methods in the desired region. These are the minimum conditions for starting online casino marketing.

Once we understand the players from which countries we want to see in our casino, it is necessary to determine the budget. To do this, you need to contact the TOP 100 casino-related websites and find out their conditions for placement.


After you have decided on the budget, you need to draw up a bonus policy. You must clearly understand the simple truth of the casino: Without bonuses, it will be difficult for a new casino to compete with a host of other brands. If bonuses for players are not calculated correctly, this is fraught with big financial problems for the operator. Conclusion – Bonuses are a very important part of marketing policy and very dangerous.

Online Casino Advertising Methods

We learned what marketing of online casinos consists of. Let’s now figure out exactly which gambling advertising resources are best to choose.


1. SEO traffic

There is an opinion that SEO traffic is the best traffic for a casino marketing. And this opinion is true. Today, especially for new casinos, the full positioning in the GEO to which the operator is oriented is simply necessary. This can be done by posting information about your casino on various thematic sites. the owners of such sites want different conditions (it all depends on the traffic on this site). Someone who is ready to work for Revenue Share, someone will not look in your direction without a Hybrid transaction (Revenue Share + CPA), and someone will be ready to work with you only on CPA.

Of course, the best thing for the operator is the Revenue Share deal, however, today there are VERY LITTLE good sites that are ready to advertise casinos on such a deal.

2. Paid Traffic (CPA)

In this section, we will introduce specialists who buy traffic at a low price in one place, and redirect it to the advertiser, earning a name on the difference. Main traffic resources: Google AdWords, Google Play, Yahoo, Facebook, Telegram, Teaser Networks. Most often, such specialists work on a CPA transaction (Cost Per Action). Many casino owners call such traffic the best. And they will be right. However, they will be right only if they know the LTV (Lifetime Value) of their players. What is the essence of such traffic. You pay a specialist for example 100 euros for a player from Germany who has made at least a minimum deposit in your casino (for example 20 euros). If the LTV of your German players exceeds 200 euros, such a deal will be beneficial for you. However, if you do not track the LTV score, or if you have a very high Churn Rate on the project, after a month of active work with such a partner, you will have no money left for advertising.

E-mail and SMS SPAM

Now on the Internet, you can buy the base of players in the casino. They are relatively inexpensive and if the seller is not a scam, then such a database can lead you a lot of customers. However, due to the GDPR law you may be fined for such actions. And the penalty can be very high. Agree, not the most pleasant thing that can happen with a new company. Also, constant spam mailing can adversely affect your brand. Notoriety spreads very fast on the Internet. Therefore, we do not recommend using this online casino marketing tool.

4. Establishment of copper buying department

We would attribute this to one of the most popular casino promotion methods, and most likely the most utopian. Why it’s popular – Because you are gathering under your roof the experts from point 2. Who buy traffic on all possible resources and send them to your brand. Why is it utopia – really good specialists work on the CPA. To invite such a pro to the team will be an extremely difficult task. Most often, average specialists agree to work under such conditions, and this is fraught with the fact that your entire budget will “fly away” without results.

Online Casino Marketing and BoomAff Team

The managers in the BoomAff team have been working with casino traffic for more than 5 years. These are high-level specialists who are focused on the profit of the casino brand. We help in the development of online casino marketing. We agree with the owners of thematic sites on the placement of our customers’ brands. We offer to work only with the best specialists in purchased traffic. We provide professional support to all our affiliates.

We do all this work for our customers for a percentage only. We do not charge additional fees from casino owners. We do not take the marketing budget into operation. Do not lobby for knowingly losing deals. We earn only when our client earns. That is why we proudly call all our customers partners.

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