Optimove recently conducted a comprehensive survey on user behavior in online gambling in the US. The survey involved 396 US citizens aged 21 and above and focused on their preferences and engagement with the iGaming industry.

Key findings from the survey revealed that 85% of online sports bettors in the US interact with iGaming platforms on a weekly basis. Furthermore, 34% of these bettors visit multiple platforms multiple times a day.

When it comes to betting preferences, 76% of respondents prefer betting on sports. Within this group, 56% favor live betting and 70% prefer single bets over parlays.

Competitive odds were identified as a primary driver of player loyalty by 40% of participants. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces and generous bonuses were also key factors for user retention, with 23% of participants highlighting their importance.

Reliable payment methods were a consideration for 58% of respondents when choosing a platform.

The survey also uncovered recommendations from Optimove to improve player satisfaction. These recommendations include faster loading times, improved mobile compatibility, and simplified site navigation. Optimove also suggests introducing highly sought-after features such as e-sports betting and cash-out options to enhance player satisfaction and retention.

Player protection and responsible gambling tools were highlighted as crucial trust-builders, with 90% of participants actively setting betting limits and 56% utilizing additional gambling resources.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes the importance of operators actively promoting responsible gambling initiatives. Doing so not only benefits player safety but also enhances operator reputation and customer retention rates.

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