Paf, the Nordic gaming company, has come up with a unique and impactful way to give back to society. They launched the Employee 100k Good Cause Initiative, where employees were given the opportunity to donate €100,000 ($109,260) towards charitable causes of their choice.

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Paf, expressed the importance of involving employees in the decision-making process, stating that it gives them a chance to influence where the money should go. This initiative aligns with the company’s core mission and values.

The process involved two steps. First, employees were asked to nominate causes they believed were deserving. Then, a voting process took place to determine which causes would receive the funding and how much each would receive.

The distribution of the €100,000 showed a diverse range of causes close to the hearts of Paf employees. The top three causes included initiatives for children with cancer, aid to Ukraine, and support for animals. Notable beneficiaries were organizations like Barncancerfonden, which works towards eliminating childhood cancer, and Operation Aid, an NGO helping Ukrainians affected by the war. These seasonal donations are part of Paf’s ongoing commitment to philanthropy, as they have already donated over €400m since 1966.

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