Pura, Tarlac celebrated the opening of a new two-story, six-classroom building at Nilasin 1st Elementary School on December 20th. The construction project, which cost nearly Php18m ($324,580), was made possible through funding from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

This initiative addresses the urgent need for additional learning spaces in Pura, which was severely impacted by an earthquake over three decades ago. The earthquake of 1990 caused significant damage to infrastructure, including schools. Despite previous efforts at repair, some buildings were deemed unsafe, leading to educational challenges within the community.

Recognizing these challenges, Mayor Freddie Domingo sought assistance from PAGCOR, and the corporation responded by allocating Php17.87m to construct an earthquake-resistant building at Nilasin 1st Elementary School. This new facility aims to provide a safer and more conducive learning environment for the students.

Mayor Domingo expressed heartfelt gratitude to PAGCOR for their generous support. He emphasized that this contribution not only enhances the educational infrastructure of Pura but also empowers the future of the students. PAGCOR’s commitment to education is making a lasting impact on the community of Pura, investing in its growth and development.

This significant development comes as the Philippines gaming industry undergoes financial recovery, with PAGCOR reporting that gaming revenue is approaching pre-pandemic levels. It is also part of PAGCOR’s broader efforts to connect the gaming sector with communities in the Philippines, including recent community and education events.

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