Panda Interactive, a subsidiary of SportsCastr, has recently taken legal action against Genius Sports and Sportradar for copyright infringement. The complaints were filed at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Panda Interactive, a technology company known for its cloud-based software that enhances interactive viewing experiences for media, leagues, and sportsbooks, is being represented by King & Spalding LLP in this case.

Donald Schupak, Chairman of Panda Interactive, expressed the company’s determination to protect its patented technology from unfair usage. Schupak stated, “We have invested significantly in developing our technology and we cannot allow others to use it against us. It’s unacceptable to see our own inventions used against us.”

Panda Interactive’s flagship product, Panda Studio, is a cutting-edge ‘Watch&Bet’ platform that enables viewers to engage with live events and place in-stream bets. Kevin April, CEO of Panda Interactive, emphasized the importance of the convergence of media and sports betting in creating a dynamic fan-viewing experience. April stated, “Panda developed our groundbreaking technology long before online sports betting was even legal in the US. Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and taking advantage of our innovative work.”

The SportsCastr Watch&Bet platform has been successfully integrated by numerous sportsbook and media companies. Andrew Schupak, Chief Strategy Officer of Panda Interactive, highlighted the transformative impact of the company’s technology on sports bettors and sportsbooks. Schupak explained, “Panda’s platform combines real-time betting odds with any live or on-demand broadcast, streamlining the betting process, reducing decision fatigue, and increasing fan engagement.”

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