Below is a detailed overview of BGaming.


BGaming is the provider for gambling establishments that work on the Internet globally and locally. The current offer includes 150+ pieces that are already utilized by 1,300+ gaming parlors of various kinds, including:

  • Poker
  • Scratch
  • Casual
  • Crash
  • Video
  • Lotteries
  • Dice
  • Roulette
  • And card ones.

It actively considers the requests of gamesters to provide them exclusively the premier approaches built into its pieces of amusement, with excellent mechanics that’re propelling the domain. In order to find out what people think, it collects feedback from punters via various channels, studies their needs & implements changes and ideas into new offers.

It also designs various other proposals suitable for professionals in this realm: advertising instruments, exclusives for brands, promotional bundles, branding guides & other offers.

Company Background

Bgaming casino provider was established as an enterprise in 2018. But even before that, it has been working since 2012 as a non-enterprise entity but as a team that was building this brand from scratch.

Initially, it was located in Minsk, Belarus. Most of its key employees come from this country and are or were citizens of it (like its CEO Marina Ostrovtsova, CPO Yulia Aliakseyeva, SRL Maksim Krotau, Research & Development team lead Andrei Lepeshkin, CMO Katerina Puteiko, or Senior Business Development Manager Ksenia Grankova). Currently, it has changed its formal registration to Malta from Belarus to avoid any associations with this notorious self-proclaimed political regimen in that post-Soviet country. The establishment as of today also has two other European offices, where the development occurs as well (Georgia and Poland).

The enterprise’s founder is Ivan Montik (a citizen of Belarus), who also founded another enterprise — SoftSwiss (est. 2009), which’s a parent structure of Bgaming today (since 2018). SoftSwiss’s headquarters is in Malta. SoftSwiss gambling products were rebranded into Bgaming.

The enterprise’s representatives visited two European exhibitions hosted in 2018. Before 2019, the guys received the Romanian gambling permit, which opened the iGambling realm of this country for its offers. In 2019, this enterprise visited ICE London, received the Swedish iGambling certification & ended as a runner-up for 2 AskPunters awards. A year later, in 2020, this enterprise obtained the IOM certification and had an exhibition stand at ICE in London. In 2021, the establishment acquired the iGambling permit in Greece. In 2022, they received the Germany’s permit.

In 2022-2023, the enterprise also received various industry acknowledgments from SBC, EGR, 5 Star, AskPunters, GGA, and EIGE.

Today, it’s a non-public enterprise that does not have any venture capital involved. It employs over 200 people.

Bgaming isn’t to be confused with B-Gaming S.A., which has been operating for over 85 years in the realm of lotteries in Argentina.

Approach Focused on Gamesters

This establishment uninterruptedly analyzes punters’ wishes, collects their feedback using various channels & holds product testing with real punters to unearth estimations of the gaming experience delivered, and its pros & cons. Why? Because the enterprise has punters’ interests at the center of its development & modeling procedures. A copious number of current employees of the establishment are active punters themselves, so they’re immensely enthralled by conveying high-quality and salient offers to their customers.

The enterprise pays extra attention to building a portfolio of Provably Fair (PF) entertainment pieces, which is their hallmark and a feature that allows punters to verify the fairness of the gambling outcomes. Today, 35 products of the enterprise support PF.

Entertainment Portfolio

For the 6.5 years of its official corporate history, the enterprise made over 150 pieces of entertainment. That is, around 23 new releases every year on average.

As we’ve already mentioned in this article above, this enterprise has such kinds of offers: card, roulette, dice, lotteries, casual, crash, scratch, video slots & poker.

In addition to the utilization of the PF feature, this enterprise customizes its offers to tailor them to betting clubs’ and gamesters’ preferences to enhance punter retention and GGR. Some of the unique features that recreation pieces of this enterprise possess include:

  • In Four Lucky Clover, there are lucky spins, stacked wilds & replicate wilds
  • In Capymania, there are instant-win casual pastimes where punters scratch off nine cells on a playing card to reveal concealed values and win if they match. The same thing exists in Luck & Magic Scratch.
  • In the 5×3 slot Keepers of the Secret, it is possible to bring Aztec symbols to life with the Jaguar feature, which then replaces 3 symbols with Multiplier Wilds or increases the multiplier, enhancing wins during the free spin round triggered by 3 Scatters or Buy Bonus.
  • In God of Wealth Hold and Win, there are 5 free spins triggered by 3 Scatters, with 3-reel Giant symbols boosting wins. Collecting Coins with multipliers activates the Hold & Win feature with three Jackpot levels.
  • In another slot, Wild Heart, there are Wilds marking cells during 10 spins, reappearing on the last spin for potential big wins.

In addition, this enterprise prioritizes delivering immersive experiences through captivating aesthetics, intricate designs, harmonious melodies & dynamic interactions, fostering authentic engagements among punters. By accentuating visually stimulating and captivating entertainment, this enterprise caters to the desires of gamesters pursuing not only proficient odds but also gratifying recreational encounters, including features like the BGaming no deposit bonus.

There are three popular offers of this provider we would like to describe separately:

1.Aztec Clusters

An adventure in this slot presents an array of symbols on a 3×3 field, accompanied by the Panda hero as a bonus symbol. When 3 or more Pandas land, they transform into sticky ones, triggering 3 respins, with each reset occurring as a symbol descends. Punters collecting more bonus symbols during the round stand to earn higher multipliers.

2.Wild Tiger

In this Asian-inspired 5×4 online slot, punters can toggle between 20 to 100 paylines, influencing the volatility. Thus, the classic gambling process gains a twist. There is also the presence of scatters and wilds.

3.Book of Cats

Discover the wonders of this 6×3 slot, boasting a win-line expanding feature, re-triggerable free spins & expanding symbols in the bonus round. The Golden Book serves as both a scatter and wild symbol, unlocking the bonus round and its expanding symbols.

Industry Impact

This enterprise has had a significant impact on the iGaming industry in several ways:

  1. Pioneering the ‘PF’ offer. This enterprise took the lead in implementing the ‘PF’ feature, an advanced cryptographic algorithm ensuring fair outcomes regardless of punter actions. This enhances trust and transparency amongst the bettors.
  2. Boosting mobile gaming adoption. The data analysis reveals an impressive 94% preference for mobile gaming among its user base, indicating a significant shift towards handheld devices. The enterprise’s strategic emphasis on developing user-friendly, top-tier mobile pastimes highlights its dedication to seizing opportunities in this growing market.
  3. Connecting with a female audience. The demographic analysis reveals a significant rise in female punter engagement, climbing from 31% in 2020 to nearly 40% in 2021. In response, the enterprise has made a varied selection of offers tailored to feminine tastes.
  4. Blending gaming and gambling. This enterprise skillfully navigates the merging worlds of gambling and interactive entertainment, with around 10% of its user base coming from the online gaming community. This convergence sets the stage for innovative collaborations between iGambling and gaming entities (more about collaborations below).
  5. Understanding punter preferences. This enterprise embraces a punter-centric philosophy, collaborating with influencers, conducting thorough surveys & seeking feedback to gain valuable insights into punter desires. We’ve already talked about that above.
  6. Exploring new frontiers. BGaming strategically secures gaming permits in various regions, including Romania, Sweden, Greece & Germany, to be in compliance with local regulations.

Now, about the collaborations of the casino BGaming Enterprise. This enterprise has formed several of them that have contributed to its growth in the iGaming industry. For instance:

  1. Partnership with BVGroup has enabled expansion into international markets, making its portfolio of titles available to BVGroup punters.
  2. Collaboration with Blokotech to pursue major growth in Argentina and Chile, integrating its entire portfolio with twenty online betting clubs via Blokotech’s single API integration.
  3. Partnership with iSoftBet has extended engaging content to iSoftBet’s aggregation platform, offering over seventy titles to its partners.
  4. Collaboration with pop culture-inspired artist Thumbs for ICE London.

Future Outlook

We can predict that this enterprise will be developing in the future in these areas:

  1. Expansion into new markets. This enterprise will likely venture into Latin America and Europe and keep making new deals to extend its global reach.
  2. Strengthening existing partnerships with such companies as BV Group or iSoftBet (and others).
  3. Innovative development. Punter-centric focus drives innovation. We predict it will remain a strong part of the enterprise’s daily work.

This enterprise should remain dedicated to punters, emphasizing personalized experiences, proactive support, feedback-driven improvements, community engagement & innovative marketing tools.

Understanding punter needs through surveys and data analysis informs tailored experiences, while AI-driven chatbots ensure prompt assistance. Continuous feedback loops in the enterprise enable ongoing enhancements, fostering community loyalty and inclusivity. Drops Campaigns incentivize punter activity with timely rewards, enhancing engagement and retention.


This enterprise distinguishes itself in the iGaming business through its steadfast dedication to a punter-centric approach and swift expansion. By delving into punter preferences via surveys, data analytics & proactive customer service, this enterprise crafts bespoke gaming experiences tailored to individual tastes. The enterprise’s emphasis on community involvement cultivates loyalty and inclusivity, while innovative marketing initiatives such as Drops Campaigns bolster punter engagement and retention.

Through strategic partnerships, global content agreements & forays into burgeoning markets like Latin America, this enterprise emerges as a pivotal industry punter poised for sustained growth. With a commitment to innovation and responsiveness to market dynamics, this enterprise holds considerable promise within the iGaming landscape, tuned for rich gaming encounters for punters across the globe.

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