GameBeat is a relatively young studio that designs and produces gambling games. It was established as a Public Limited Company (PLC, JSC), in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 2021, with the company’s capital of 0.5 million Swiss francs (approximately 0.55 million USD). The company was founded by two enthusiastic people and today, it already employs around 40 people.

The company releases up to 10 new games each year. Although it is not a well-established gamer in the market — yet — it steadily makes its way to the top. Already in 2024, the games of the GameBeat studios are presented in over a thousand online betting clubs all over the world, from Argentina to Vietnam, from the United Kingdom to Mexico.

After its foundation, the steam GameBeat studio partnered with SoftSwiss and Slotegrator in 2021, upon releasing several of its initial slots. In the upcoming years, it continued to add more releases to the variety of its offers, partnering with more aggregators and platforms, amongst which today, there are Infingame, Soft2Bet, ST8, Pokerdom, Pin-Up, 1Win, PariMatch, BitStarz, MostBet, AskGamblers,, Casino Australia, BoomAff, and many more (over 200 partners in total as of mid-2024).

The company shall not be confused with GameBeat Studios, which is engaged in making music and sound effects for the industries of films, games, digital media, and advertising.

And also not to be confused with GameBeat Inc., which was active in the 2000s, making games for PCs. As well, not to be confused with the GameBeat Inc. gambling establishment that is the current holder of the domain name, which was re-registered in 2023 (it previously belonged to the PC-games-making company) and which today is a website of an online gaming venue for Thai punters.

Also, not to be confused with GameBeat, which is a Ljubljana, Slovenia-based startup company founded in 2015 to produce portable smartphone mobile game controllers.

Game Selection

As of mid-2024, GameBeat’s offer of games consists of 28 pieces, which they produced through 2021-2024: Fortune Three, Fortune Five, Book of Hor, Book of Elixir, Book of Ancients, Sea Secrets, Odin’s Tree, Max Miner, Throne of Camelot, Triton’s Realm, Dangerous Monster, Conquest Era, Witch Treasures, Racing Lion, Buffalo Trail, Xiao’s Treasures, Buffalo Dale: Grandways, Juicy Do Five, Juicy Do Three, Frog Space Program, Stolbik 777, Fruitfellas: Fortune Wheel, Wolf of Wild Street, Fruitfellas: Xmas Wheel, Giggly Greedy Story, and Totem De Oro.

You might not have heard of any of these simply because they started to be added to the catalogs of gambling establishments worldwide just a few years ago and not too many people know about GameBeat so far. It’ll improve — this company makes solid products, which definitely have to find their way to the hearts of punters. We’re assured of that because of several factors inherent to these games:

  • Nice RTPs of the offers, mostly from 95% to 97%
  • Solid sound design
  • Bright, juicy, and crisp visual design
  • Multifarious implementations of gambling mechanics in its slots: classic, hold and win, ways, and books.
  • Various themes of slots, including Xmas, Fruits, Space, Cinema, Adventures, Mythology, Magic, Asia, Animals, Sea, and Ancient Egypt.

User Experience

Modern gamers will be thrilled to explore the games of GameBeat on pages of various gaming parlors all over the Internet. The pieces are designed to be fast-loading on all devices, especially mobile phones since mobile gambling overtook the gambling process on PCs and laptops years ago. The most important features of the GameBeat platform are:

  • The support of all geos and all liquid currencies of the world (with the exception of those countries that are closed, restricted, or heavily sanctioned)
  • Its games are playable even on a low battery and they are designed in the first place to make the battery usage as low as possible
  • Various gifts are available, including free spins
  • Features of tournaments and jackpots
  • Partners of the GameBeat will receive exclusive branded slots, promo tools, various bonus options to set up, integration with back office and front office systems, and quick response times.

Promotions and Bonuses

While GameBeat as a company does not provide specific remuneration schemes, they are feasible in various houses of gambling that allow these games to their pages. Thus, a punter shall look for the rewards and VIP offers in the bonus section of every particular gambling establishment they are visiting or registering to.

Now let’s look at some in-game bonus offers by GameBeat:

  1. Witch Treasures: free spins and Golden Rush feature.
  2. Just free spins are available in these games: Book of Elixir, Dangerous Monster, Throne of Camelot, Raging Lion, and Buffalo Trail.

Most of the games have high or medium volatility. There will mainly be winnings only from lucky combinations, according to the game mechanics. The most giving-out slots of GameBeat are these:

  • Juicy Do Five: x2,018
  • Buffalo Dale: x5,040
  • Book of Ancients: x5,170
  • Book of Hor: x5,170
  • Book of Elixir: x5,170
  • Xiao’s Treasures: x5,753
  • Buffalo Trail: x14,217.
  • Raging Lion: x14,217.

That is, for the best winnings, which may be considered bonuses for the time spent, play Buffalo Trail or Raging Lion, which have the x14,217 winning option, RTP of 96.31%, and medium-high volatility.

Security and Fairness

The company uses standard (yet efficient) market practices to ensure player security and fair gaming:

  • Implementation of encryption protocols
  • Secure payment options
  • System monitoring round-the-clock by dedicated security specialists
  • Unbiased random number generators
  • Periodic and selective monitoring for suspicious betting patterns and fraudulent or unethical behavior
  • Implementation of strict security and safety policies.

As of the time being, GameBeat holds a Curacao license.

Payment Methods

Although specific payment methods may change depending on the punter’s location and other factors that are represented in their online gambling establishments, GameBeat currently supports all fiat currencies in the world (with the exception of those ones that are in circulation only within the borders of some single country that is under international ban, heavy sanctions, or global financial prohibition, so, thus, its currency is not liquid). Also, it utilizes a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies. Although GameBeat itself has the support of dozens of them in the system capabilities, each specific gambling operator may make a decision to only include specific ones in the interface of its gambling establishment, for instance, XRP, DOGE, USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

Payment methods available include:

  1. Card payments using prepaid and personalized bank cards
  2. Money transfer systems
  3. Online and digital wallets
  4. Vouchers and cheques.

Customer Support

The GameBeat Company, as a provider of technological solutions, offers a range of support channels. Some gaming venues can use them all or just some of them and their combinations:

  • Voice
  • Mail
  • Online chat
  • Social media platforms
  • Personalized support agents
  • Platform-specific channels
  • Feedback integration
  • Outsourcing partnerships.

The response times and quality of support will heavily depend on the exact solution that a house of gambling will opt for, such as an in-house or outsourced team, and the variety of support channels integrated into the platform.


GameBeat is one of the new ventures that are actively developing at the time being. It has a number of advantages to offer to impact the landscape of the iGambling sector of global business in the future, such as:

  • Smooth integration of various payment methods, especially, cryptocurrencies
  • Great game graphics and sound design, which are not too demanding for the power of the device used for gambling
  • Compelling games that are growing in number every year, so, in ten years’ time, there will likely be over 200 of them in the offer of GameBeat
  • There is a lot of room for partnership and collaboration for the brand since it is new, young, and aspiring — so everything’s ahead!

We hope that this GameBeat review left no questions unanswered. Come back more often to our web resource for more helpful insights and reviews!

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