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When it comes to quality and uniqueness that are put above quantity, Mascot Gaming is one of the best market providers. 

It is a company of full cycle of development, which we are super glad to work with because of its unparalleled quality, which we see every time and in every offer.

About Mascot Gaming

The company started in 2015, aiming at creating not just something people could occasionally play in online casinos but at the utmost quality of games and casino software solutions that they offer. In 2017, the Mascot Gaming Company started its website and two years later, in 2019, it presented its first game at ICE London. Today, the company significantly grew in team members and streamlined its production processes to produce 12 games per year, with up to 4 being in simultaneous production. 

As of the time being, over 500 online casinos already use its games, access to which is easy and reliable thanks to separate servers with 99.99% uptime.

What Mascot offers to the market

The list of offers of Mascot games includes lotteries, card games, and slots. If you’re a seasoned gambler, you must have definitely heard of their top offers Zeus the Thunderer, The Myth, Bastet and Cats, or Riot. Lovers of the fruit theme in slots also find attractive such pieces as Fruit Disco, Double Triple Fruits, or Candy Crush, among many other offers.

There are several special things about the company’s games:

  • Wonderful and rich-in-detail sound design, which fully supports the ambiance, sometimes, even making chills because of its authenticity
  • Exceptionally thorough and unique graphic design, where color palette, shadows, and tones make the pictures very close to how they would look in real life, without that ‘plastic gloss’, which currently overwhelms the gambling market. The company’s visual designers are so focused on details that you can even see individual hairs in the hair mass of characters. Another aspect of utmost reality is the absence of artificial smiles on the faces of human and animal characters in gambling games and their matte, not glossy, skin. Along with that, graphics are refined and pleasing to look at. Altogether, that’s something nearly nobody provides today in the online casino world.
  • Individual and highly customizable design, effective mathematical and logical models of games, and first-class statistics systems that are wonderful for both players and casino owners.

What is also special about the Mascot company is that it has introduced the concept of Profit Games and Traffic Games — a new classification of casino games, which are aimed at maximum profit from gamers and for the mass market respectively. This makes it possible to embrace all audiences, no matter what preferences in gambling they have.

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