The Peruvian government has issued official regulations for online gambling, aiming to establish a clear framework for the industry. Supreme Decree Nº 005-2023 outlines the guidelines set forth in Law No. 31557, which was adjusted by Law No. 31806 to include a licensing system for online gambling. These measures are expected to bring in significant revenue for the state, estimated at around $40m annually.

Under the Supreme Decree, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) has been granted the authority to license and regulate online gaming and sports betting. This includes the registration of various entities such as technological platforms, online gaming programs, live casino games, and sports betting terminals, along with their respective service providers. Furthermore, the regulations touch upon advertising restrictions and responsible gambling provisions.

To encourage compliance, unregulated operators have been given a 30-day window, starting from March 9, to apply for a license and operate legally within Peru. The regulations are set to take effect 120 days after their publication, with specific timelines outlined for operators and licensees to ensure compliance. These measures are aimed at creating a safe and responsible online gambling environment within the country.

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