PointsBet, a Denver-based gambling company, has been hit with a $25,000 fine for accepting “pre-match” bets on games that were already in progress. The company mistakenly allowed a single customer to place five bets totaling $13,500, resulting in winnings of $28,275. However, upon discovering the error, the bets were voided and the customer was refunded. PointsBet admitted that they lacked an automated system to verify the accuracy and timeliness of published markets. They blamed a communication issue with a third-party data feed provider. The details of the case were only disclosed after a request from The Associated Press, nearly two weeks after the penalty was imposed.

Online sports betting platform, PointsBet, faced two major betting mishaps that resulted in prompt cancellations and implementation of new protocols.

In the first incident, on March 25, 2022, PointsBet mistakenly allowed bets on the St. Peter’s men’s basketball team despite their ineligibility due to their impressive run in the NCAA tournament. The oversight was quickly rectified after only two bets, totaling $60, were placed in the 55-minute window.

The company acknowledged this mistake as a result of human error, as stated by the gaming enforcement division.

In another incident on October 29, 2021, PointsBet found themselves in trouble again when they offered bets on a “League Of Legends” Esports competition involving a player who was only 17 years old, below the legal betting age of 18. Initially, four bets worth $1,225 were accepted but ultimately voided.

Recognizing their oversight in verifying the ages of competitors, the company promptly addressed the issue with regulators and implemented a robust process to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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