Regarding this delay, James Centers, spokesperson for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, stated: “Considering the supply chain issues we’ve experienced since the pandemic, being a few months behind schedule is not catastrophic. If the winter weather remains favorable, we can catch up on the lost time.”

The current focus is on completing the necessary structures before the harsh winter sets in. The goal is to be ready for a full-speed expansion in the spring.

The anticipated 60,000-square-foot expansion will feature over 600 games, a sportsbook, and improved dining and entertainment options.

Ever since its establishment in 2018, Prairie Flower Casino has made significant efforts to support tribal members and the local community. Over $28 million have been contributed to tribal services, including expanded healthcare, job training, cultural preservation, and social services.

Furthermore, the casino has generously donated over $2.3 million to the city of Carter Lake, assisting with essential services like police, fire, infrastructure, and overall community enhancements. This expansion is a strategic move to further enhance the casino’s offerings and secure its ability to support the tribe and the wider community in the future.

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