Safer Gambling Week (SG Week) is an annual initiative aimed at promoting safe and responsible gambling practices. In recent years, this campaign has significantly impacted gamblers, betting enthusiasts, and mental health advocates by raising awareness about safer gambling tools and encouraging their use. This blog post will delve into the latest figures showing a substantial increase in the adoption of these tools during SG Week, highlighting the campaign’s success and the broader implications for the gambling industry.

Recent analysis of last year’s Safer Gambling Week reveals a remarkable 18% increase in the number of deposit limits set during the campaign compared to the same month in 2022. Notably, 54% of players who set deposit limits during this period did so for the first time, indicating a growing awareness and acceptance of safer gambling practices.

The trend extends beyond deposit limits. The number of players setting reality checks, which remind them of the time and money spent gambling, rose by over 300% for the second consecutive year. Similarly, the use of maximum stake limits saw an over 300% increase during SG Week 2023, underscoring the campaign’s effectiveness in promoting safer gambling behavior.

Key Statistics:

  • Deposit Limits: 18% increase in deposits limits set.
  • First-Time Users: 54% of players setting deposit limits for the first time.
  • Reality Checks: Over 300% rise in players setting reality checks.
  • Maximum Stake Limits: Over 300% growth in use.

Safer Gambling Week 2023 also achieved significant traction on social media platforms, generating over 50 million impressions across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This enhanced online presence helped disseminate vital information about safer gambling tools and practices to a broader audience, further reinforcing the campaign’s message.

Social Media Reach:

  • Total Impressions: Over 50 million.
  • Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

The success of Safer Gambling Week is largely due to the collaborative efforts of the regulated betting and gaming industry in the UK and Ireland, along with charities and other stakeholders. The campaign received robust backing from cross-party MPs, including Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew and Shadow Gambling Minister Stephanie Peacock. Additionally, it garnered support from the independent regulator, the Gambling Commission, and its Chief Executive, Andrew Rhodes.

Notable Supporters:

  • Gambling Minister: Stuart Andrew
  • Shadow Gambling Minister: Stephanie Peacock
  • Gambling Commission Chief Executive: Andrew Rhodes

Michael Dugher, CEO and Acting Chair of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), emphasized the campaign’s importance, stating, “These new figures show Safer Gambling Week continues to be a powerful advert for increasing the use of safer gambling tools in the regulated industry. Millions of customers now use safer gambling tools, including deposit limits and time-outs. This is a pillar of the regulated industry and is in marked contrast to the unsafe, unregulated, and growing online gambling black market, which provides no safer gambling support, contributes zero tax, and does not support sport.”

The initiative’s website played a crucial role in its success, attracting half a million visits during the campaign. The Safer Gambling Week website offers help and advice for those struggling with gambling issues and provides information on safer gambling tools. This resource has become an invaluable asset for individuals seeking to adopt responsible gambling practices.

Website Engagement:

  • Visits: Half a million during SG Week.
  • Resources: Help, advice, and information on safer gambling tools.

Safer Gambling Week has proven to be a powerful catalyst for change within the gambling industry, driving increased use of safer gambling tools and fostering a culture of responsible gambling. The collaborative efforts of industry stakeholders, combined with the campaign’s extensive reach and impactful messaging, have made a tangible difference in promoting safer gambling practices.

For gamblers, betting enthusiasts, and mental health advocates, the continued success of Safer Gambling Week offers hope and reassurance that the industry is committed to creating a safer and more responsible gambling environment. As we look forward to Safer Gambling Week 2024, let’s continue to support and advocate for initiatives that prioritize the well-being of all those involved in the world of gambling.

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