Santa Fe Province in Argentina has recently passed a bill legalizing online gambling without making any changes to the original legislation approved by the Chamber of Deputies. Once the newly elected governor signs it into law, Santa Fe will join other populous provinces in Argentina, such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Córdoba, in having fully regulated online gambling markets.

The bill establishes regulations for various forms of online gambling, including games of chance, sports betting, and digital predictions. It also creates a licensing system similar to that of other provinces.

During the pandemic, Santa Fe temporarily allowed online gaming exclusively through licensed brick-and-mortar casinos in three locations: City Centre Rosario, Casino Melincué, and Casino Puerto Santa Fe. These casinos were granted permission to offer online casino games in 2020. Governor Maximiliano Pullaro championed the new legislation, which allows these casinos to obtain additional licenses for sports betting and casino games.

This move during the pandemic sparked controversy, with former deputy Pullaro even lodging a complaint, claiming that the governor’s decree was illegal.

The bill also sets the tax on gross gaming revenue (GGR) at a minimum of 15 percent, giving the executive branch the power to adjust it without legislative approval. Half of the tax revenue will be dedicated to gambling addiction awareness campaigns.

Additionally, the Santa Fe lottery will be permitted to develop its own online gaming platform, and a new license tender will be established for entities without existing licenses to apply.

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