Analysts reveal that Scotland is falling behind the rest of the UK when it comes to providing gender-specific support for women struggling with a gambling addiction. This is concerning as the number of women affected by this issue is on the rise, often overlooked due to the perception that gambling is a predominantly masculine pursuit.

While both men and women face similar risks when it comes to gambling addiction, such as job loss or homelessness, studies suggest that women may also be at risk of losing custody of their children due to their inability to care for them.

Furthermore, research sheds light on the distressing connection between gambling addiction and homelessness. Shockingly, the charity Simon Community Scotland reports that one in five homeless individuals also struggle with problem gambling.

In response to these alarming findings, the charity is urging Scotland to increase its focus on providing gambling addiction services specifically tailored to women. Lorraine McGrath, CEO of the charity, emphasizes the urgent need for action, stating, “There is an undeniable correlation between homelessness and gambling harms, with women experiencing more hidden and severe consequences at a faster rate.”

Experts have pointed out that gambling companies target women by advertising on platforms frequented by new mothers and through influencer marketing. Additionally, the industry has faced criticism for preying on low-income communities, which poses a significant risk for women living near or below the poverty line to develop harmful gambling habits.

McGrath stresses the need for Scotland to catch up with the rest of the UK and the international community, calling for the voices of women with lived experiences to be heard and for solutions to address the underlying societal and systemic factors contributing to gambling harms.

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