Search Engine Optimization for Gambling

Attract more organic and free traffic. We will make your casino more visible in search and more trusted by your players and search engines.
All of your branded queries should lead to your products, not to partner or competitor websites. Acquire and retain players through search without paying a commission for acquisition.


We receive our traffic from the free search.

TOP 10

Search results for our brands show only positive reputation.


The average rating for all our brands on all well-known platforms.

How do we do this

Technical audit

We check your website and identify errors that might prevent ranking. We provide recommendations for improving performance to enhance search engine positions.

Work with keywords

Gathering the semantic core. We gather and study keywords related to your brand and gaming industry, and evaluate competition on those. We create a full list of keywords to promote in search. We cluster the queries and allocate them to specific pages.

Page optimization and creation of new ones

We analyze existing pages and improve the content and website structure. We write metadata according to the semantics. We provide recommendations for creating new pages under the Semantic Core.

Link Building

We obtain trustworthy and relevant backlinks from high-quality resources to increase your website ranking. We know how to work with links in this industry; we have our own network of resources and an extensive partnership network.

Content Marketing

We create attractive content for your website promotion and brand awareness. From successful articles to latest news for your players and partners.You can easily expand the semantic core and engage your audience through the interesting and compelling content. Our specialists have an extensive experience in the igaming industry.

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management)

We study your brand’s reputation on the Internet. We compose a list of reputation queries and monitor the TOP 10 results. It’s essential to have good reviews from players on thematic websites and a positive reputation in the TOP search results. We provide recommendations to improve negative feedback and enhance reputation to gain players’ trust.

Cost of services

Choose the tools you need and we will provide you with search traffic and a positive reputation

Integrated promotion SEO

from $3,500 per month*

Technical audit, Semantic collection
Reputation management
Your personal SEO manager

Monthly analysis and reporting

* The work of a content copywriter is paid separately

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