SG:certified, the leading eLearning platform for gambling education, is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive course on safer and responsible gambling. Developed by Maris Catania, a Senior Safer Gaming Consultant at SG:certified, this course covers a wide range of topics related to responsible gambling.

With 14 lessons in total, each lesson focuses on a different aspect of safer gambling. From understanding vulnerable groups to measuring the effectiveness of safer gambling practices, participants will gain valuable insights into the psychology of gambling disorders.

Maris Catania, a renowned expert in the field, is passionate about sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to make a positive impact. “As a safer gambling trainer, I believe in the importance of creating a more sustainable gambling environment,” she said. “By empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to promote responsible gaming, we can make a real difference.”

Accessible to both individuals seeking personal growth and companies looking to enhance staff training, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of responsible gambling. Maris Catania’s expertise, backed by her Doctorate in Philosophy and Social Sciences, ensures participants receive top-notch education on consumer protection, harm prevention, and responsible gambling practices.

As the industry prioritizes responsible gambling, with consultations and guidance being developed, SG:certified is committed to leading the charge in promoting safer gambling practices. 

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