The IBIA, representing the majority of the SGA-licensed betting market, has partnered with the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) to share information on suspicious betting activity in Swedish sport. This collaboration aims to maintain the integrity of Swedish sport and the regulated betting market.

In December 2023, the Swedish Government informed the European Commission of its intention to amend the Gambling Ordinance, aligning Sweden with the Macolin Convention. As part of these changes, the SGA will establish and manage a platform for licensed betting operators and national sports federations to share information on suspected match-fixing.

The IBIA will play a crucial role by utilizing its global customer account transaction data to identify and report any suspicious betting on Swedish sporting events. The organization will collaborate closely with the SGA, providing necessary support during related investigations. Safeguarding the integrity of the market is of utmost importance in this partnership.

SGA Director-General, Camilla Rosenberg, emphasizes the significance of information sharing in maintaining the integrity of sports. She expresses great satisfaction in reaching an agreement with IBIA, which will greatly enhance their coordination efforts and overall work against match-fixing. The SGA eagerly looks forward to their collaboration with IBIA. Prior to the Christmas season, the IBIA praised forthcoming changes to sports betting laws in Brazil, aiming to empower operators and authorities in tackling corruption in sports betting.

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