Softswiss, a leading supplier, has recently joined the international environmental campaign ‘Cleaning up the World’ alongside 130 other teams. The campaign, held in Poznań, Poland, aimed to rejuvenate the local area and create a more eco-friendly environment.

Katsiaryna Shved, Softswiss Event Manager of Employer Brand, expressed the company’s commitment to positive change and the profound impact that each person’s contribution holds. Together, they are making visible, tangible changes.

In addition to their involvement in the campaign, Softswiss has also donated $25,000 to acquire container houses for individuals affected by the disaster in Turkey. This exemplifies the company’s mission and core values, including their commitment to caring for people and making a difference.

Softswiss has allocated over €1.7m ($1.7m) to various charitable causes in 2022. This includes providing support to victims of disasters, conflicts, serious illnesses, and more. Valentina Bagniya, Softswiss CMO, emphasized the importance of shared values among employees and how it enhances the company’s output.

Recently, Softswiss partnered with BetGames to expand their presence in the iGaming industry. This strategic alliance marks an exciting development for both companies.

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