The Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen, has recently issued a response to the Finance Department concerning a memorandum on a proposed ban on credit gambling (Fi2024/00442). This development is significant for Swedish gamblers, online casino users, and those invested in legal compliance within the gambling industry. In this post, we’ll delve into Spelinspektionen’s stance on the proposed ban, the implications for licensed gambling operators, and the potential impact on charitable lotteries.

Spelinspektionen has expressed strong support for the proposed ban on credit gambling. The Authority agrees with the prohibition for license holders and gambling agents to facilitate or allow payments for gambling using credit cards. This measure is intended to cover all forms of licensed gambling, ensuring that gambling activities are not financed through borrowed money.

The endorsement of this ban aligns with Spelinspektionen’s commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices in Sweden. By restricting the use of credit cards for gambling, the Authority aims to mitigate the risks associated with gambling addiction and financial instability among players.

While Spelinspektionen supports the ban, it has raised concerns about the memorandum’s lack of analysis regarding the impact on charitable lotteries that sell tickets digitally. These lotteries often rely on digital transactions, and the proposed ban would require them to ensure that payments are not made with credit cards or financed by third-party credit at the time of purchase.

The Authority is apprehensive about the potential negative impact on charitable lotteries. These lotteries play a vital role in supporting various social causes, and any restrictions that hinder their operations could have unintended consequences. Spelinspektionen suggests that this issue warrants further examination to strike a balance between regulating credit gambling and supporting charitable activities.

In its response, Spelinspektionen clarifies that the proposal prevents players from using credit cards to pay for gambling but does not interpret it as requiring license holders and gambling agents to verify if a debit card is being used with a credit facility for each transaction. This clarification is crucial to avoid placing an undue burden on operators and ensuring smooth transactions for players.

To avoid confusion, Spelinspektionen recommends that the scope regarding debit cards with credit facilities be more precisely articulated. Clear guidelines will help license holders and gambling agents understand their responsibilities and prevent unintentional violations of the regulations.

The Authority endorses the proposal to grant it the power to issue regulations concerning the action plans that license holders must develop under Chapter 14, Section 1 of the Swedish Gambling Act. This provision would give Spelinspektionen greater control over ensuring that license holders comply with the requirements to prevent credit gambling.

By having the authority to issue regulations, Spelinspektionen can establish comprehensive guidelines and standards for action plans. This will enhance compliance among license holders and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the credit gambling ban.

Spelinspektionen’s response to the proposed credit gambling ban reflects its commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices and safeguarding the interests of players. While the Authority strongly supports the ban, it highlights the need for further analysis regarding the impact on charitable lotteries and calls for precise articulation of the scope concerning debit cards with credit facilities.

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for Swedish gamblers, online casino users, and industry stakeholders to stay informed about these developments. Spelinspektionen’s proactive stance and recommendations aim to create a safer and more transparent gambling environment in Sweden.

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