Swifty Global, operating under the name Cashmere Holding Company, is excited to announce its official entry into the gold-standard certification process with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This certification is for our innovative B2B gaming platform, which operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a monthly subscription.

Our platform provides operators with the opportunity to integrate Swifty Global’s cutting-edge technology through a white-label solution, making it easy to use and customize. The subscription model also includes a revenue-sharing component, allowing our partners to benefit from the success of the platform.

During the testing process, GLI will evaluate our product against the highest regulatory and industry standards, ensuring its quality and compliance.

James Gibbons, CEO of Swifty Global, expressed his excitement about this certification process, stating, “This is a significant milestone for Swifty. We have dedicated over a year to developing our B2B platform, and reaching this stage is a testament to our hard work. It not only marks the completion of the platform’s development but also sets the stage for our future growth strategy.”

Securing the GLI endorsement will certify that our B2B platform is ready for deployment across most European markets. As a result, we have taken proactive steps to comply with regulatory standards in key European markets, as well as in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and South Africa.

In addition to seeking GLI certification, Swifty Global has also applied for certification from the South Africa Gambling Regulator to support the launch of our product in that jurisdiction.

It’s worth noting that Softswiss has also obtained GLI certifications (GLI-19 and GLI-33) for their products, highlighting the importance of this endorsement within the industry.

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