In a recent ruling at the Downing Centre Local Court, Tabcorp has been found guilty of violating the law by promoting gambling inducements on its website. The Magistrate determined that Tabcorp’s promotion included incentives for non-account holders to participate in gambling activities.

In New South Wales (NSW), it is illegal to publish or communicate inducement advertisements to individuals without betting accounts. Unfortunately, due to an oversight, Tabcorp allowed its website to display a gambling inducement to non-account holders.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Executive Director of Regulatory Operations, Jane Lin, is taking a strong stance against illegal gambling inducements. Lin emphasizes a zero-tolerance approach, especially for corporations of Tabcorp’s size.

While gambling promotions can be offered to betting account holders who have consented to receive this information, it is strictly prohibited to advertise inducements to encourage account openings or increased gambling activity.

NSW has strict rules against any form of inducement advertising related to gambling. Corporations can face a maximum penalty of $110,000, while individuals may be fined up to $11,000.

Tabcorp’s conviction serves as a reminder that even large corporations must have strong internal controls and exercise vigilance to prevent the general public from being exposed to illegal gambling inducements.

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