Turnkey Online Casino Business with BoomAff

A turnkey online casino is a perfect solution for those who want to get a personal multifunctional online casino. An integrated approach of the BoomAff team and the responsible work of our partners will provide our clients with comprehensive support. The main advantage of the turnkey casino solution is up-to-date software with powerful and clear functions. Our platform was created to make the operational activity more convenient. BoomAff will not only help create an effective turnkey online casino but also provide ready-made solutions for sports betting and e-sports.

What Do Our Clients Get When They Buy A Turnkey Casino Solution?

The BoomAff team and its partners have created a perfect opportunity for all entrepreneurs to start their own businesses in the industry of online gambling. Our turnkey casino solution offers a range of opportunities that will make the acquired online casino unique:

  • A multifunctional platform
  • Assistance in connecting payment systems
  • A multicurrency and multilanguage solution
  • Over 3,000 casino games
  • Licensing
  • High-quality and up-to-date design
  • Assistance with online casino advertisement.

Choosing a turnkey casino solution from BoomAff, our client SAVES:

Resources. One doesn’t have to build a big team of developers and attract solid investments.

Time. Time for the creation of their own platform will be cut and they can use it to develop other business projects or spend more time with their families.

When creating an offer, all client’s preferences in the turnkey online casino sale are necessarily taken into account. Right after drawing up clear technical requirements, our team will start preparing a perfect casino brand for a reasonable businessman. One gets a unique website with superior design, a clear & convenient interface & an administration panel to thoroughly control their own finances & the gambling process.

For whom is an online turnkey casino solution suitable and why is it more beneficial than a white label? Ordering a turnkey casino, our clients receive their own products. All the contracts with payment systems are concluded on behalf of our client’s company. Gaming providers & additional software are connected directly. It will help our client’s brand grow promptly. One can lower the royalty of each actor separately. It is a perfect way to save while effectively working remotely. It is also important that the royalty for using the platform decreases significantly in general.


For our clients buying an online casino turnkey, we specifically assist in receiving all necessary licenses, which they need to successfully and legally operate on a market they will have chosen.

Depending on the market (country), online casino legislation dramatically differs. Without special knowledge and experience, it can be very hard to undergo the entire licensing procedure yourself. Buying a turnkey online casino, we discuss, what exactly type of license (one or more) is required depending on:

  • the region
  • specific types of gambling, betting & other casino services one wants to provide
  • legal model of our client’s company (casino owner)
  • accepted and prohibited countries and regions
  • available budget & time.

After that, we choose a proper model of licensing and make it come to life. Bear in mind, though, that, usually, obtaining a license is a process that lasts several months or longer & requires a lot of paperwork, which can be handled completely by us or with some portion of our client’s involvement, depending on the situation.

Casino software

The list of pieces of best-rated turnkey online casino software that will be required to run the gambling business depends on the types of games and other casino options one wants to have, a list of gaming providers & various needs for automation of operations, support, reporting & integration with one’s systems (such as accounting, taxation, CRM, etc.).

Just to outline this, we should tell that types of software could be for those segments:

  • regular casino games (like slots or lotteries)
  • poker
  • sports betting
  • gaming kiosks
  • live casino functionality
  • payment systems integration
  • reporting
  • client support.

A ready-made turnkey online casino for sale is tuned for one’s needs and business model and can be expanded or shrunken.

Examples of gaming websites

Here it is possible to see examples of the builds of gaming websites that are turnkey casino solutions. The differences are in the design, menu, corporate colors (branding), main page, etc.

One can pick either from already available online casino turnkey solutions and use it as it is. But, most frequently, the chosen option is then tuned to the specific needs of our clients so as to fit the market, business model, brand strategy & a multitude of other requirements.


Transaction systems integrated into the selected turnkey casino online will heavily depend on one’s needs in payment systems connection. That is, how the gamblers will input and withdraw their money to and from this turnkey online casino website. For instance, there are bank cards, direct debit, instant transfers, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, vouchers, cheques & other options.

Another part of that is the automation of routine data transfer to the controlling bodies in one’s country and gambling licensing bodies, which have to receive information from our clients and communicate with them.

These issues are discussed so that we deliver the most suitable turnkey casino solution or tune it for one’s particular needs.


An online casino turnkey solution is an all-included offer to get a fully working website of a gambling facility. However, to make it generate profit, one shall take care of promotion via various marketing channels. If our client does not have their own marketing team capable of covering that, we can assist in this by providing our promotion solutions. Together, we will elaborate on the entire strategy and start implementing it right away.


A casino online turnkey offered by us comes with a staff that can run it on a daily basis. That, certainly, if one doesn’t have their own team of employees that would do it. By ordering from us a turnkey online casino business, one can cooperate with our dedicated team, which is already trained to run and support casinos & that in most cases costs less than an in-house team of specialists that one would hire. In that case, one will also not have to worry about daily HR routines like hiring, firing, dealing with the absence from the working place, sick leaves, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Online Casino Business from BoomAff?

The final cost depends on the complexity of a turnkey online casino website. That would include the license, specific set of software that one needs, integration & design features, support, staffing, marketing, etc. Request a quote right now and we’ll discuss all the issues about functionality and pricing of the business casino online own start turnkey.

Questions from our clients

  1. Do I open a turnkey online casino legally?

    Yes, it is completely legal because it is an order of service for the development of a casino done by us. There’s nothing illegal in this service.

  2. Do I have to have a license to run my turnkey online casino software?

    Every online casino needs at least some gambling license to operate legally. That also increases gamblers’ loyalty to one’s brand and makes marketing easier.

  3. What markets are suitable for a casino online turnkey?

    We offer technological solutions that are workable for any market and any language. It can be designed to specific regional peculiarities. 

  4.  Is the live turnkey online casino interface customizable?

    Yes. The basic in-the-box solution is a starting point, which is customizable for our client’s specific needs and also can be changed in the future.

  5. Do I buy a turnkey casino website with promotion included?

    Marketing efforts to popularize the casino must be taken additionally. This can be done by our client’s in-house team or by our specialists for a separate cost. 

Our clients say

Michael Dreamford, CEO at GamingTech, LLC

“Our company bought the best turnkey online casino solution 2 years ago from BoomAff. After setup and running, we only need around 10 working hours a week to control and manage it — their specialists cover 360° of the daily management process while we only work on the strategy.”

Chris Botter, COO at ImagiNation, PJSC

“An online turnkey casino option by BoomAff is a customizable and integrate-able solution, which fits our company’s technological landscape. We’ve opted for giving the entire operation routine to specialists of BoomAff and focusing on the development of other solutions in our portfolio. The acquisition of their turnkey online casino software became a profit generator shortly after the contract was signed and the casino was put in operation.”

Why choose us

Contact us or leave a request on our website and we will provide more detailed and full information on the opportunities that buying a turnkey casino gives, as well as on all the functions of our platform and the prices. BoomAff is a reliable partner in the industry of online gambling!

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