The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is seeking input on financial penalties to improve transparency and calculation methods. These consultations will take place over a 13-week period and will address various aspects such as the starting point for fines and the consideration of gross gambling yield (GGY) during breaches. Additionally, the complexity of mergers and acquisitions in the global gambling landscape will be taken into account when discussing financial key event reporting.

Kay Roberts, executive director of operations at the UKGC, highlights the importance of stakeholders participating in these consultations to ensure effective regulation of the gambling sector in the UK. All proposed changes will be carefully considered and all viewpoints are encouraged.

These consultations are a response to the review of the Gambling Act, which proposed regulatory changes based on an assessment of the legislation from 2005. As a part of this process, the UKGC has introduced a confidential reporting service to allow individuals to anonymously report criminal and suspicious activities.

Recent statistics show a 20% growth in land-based gambling, indicating a return to pre-pandemic levels. The total gross gambling yield in the UK has increased by 6.8% year-on-year, reaching £15.1 billion.

GambleAware, a British charity, has published industry statistics highlighting concerns about online slots. In 2022-23, over a third of support service contacts were from individuals experiencing gambling-related harm due to online slots. This makes online slots the primary concern, followed by internet sports betting at 15.6%. Fixed-odds gaming machines in bookmaker shops rank as the third-highest reason for seeking treatment, representing 12.8% of cases.

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