In a successful year, 888poker has restored a staggering $362,893 to 4,068 players in 2023. These players fell victim to AI poker bots or Real-Time Assistance (RTA), but thanks to the company’s sophisticated detection methods, their losses were recovered.

To combat the issue, 161 accounts utilizing AI bots or RTA were promptly blocked. In fact, since 2021, 888poker has refunded over $1.2 million to affected players. This is an impressive follow-up to last year, when the company returned $287,292 to players who suffered due to accounts violating fair gaming policies.

Matan Krakow, Head of Poker Offering at 888poker, attributes the continued success in battling bots to increased investment in detection capabilities and the invaluable support from players. Their cooperation plays a crucial role in identifying potential AI and RTA users. In addition, the company consults with advisors to study hand histories and spot non-human patterns further.

With positive feedback rolling in, 888poker is proud to stand at the forefront of the industry in providing a clean and secure playing environment. The company is dedicated to maintaining a fair and enjoyable poker experience, and listening to their players remains a key component in achieving this objective.

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