BetMaker is proud to announce the launch of OneWatch, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the world of wagering. Serving as both a monitoring system and an analytics tool, OneWatch provides centralized oversight of wagering operations, real-time reports, performance metrics, and seamless integration with third-party automation tools.

Anticipated to launch in Q1 2024, OneWatch will initially be available exclusively to BetLine Series clients. However, BetMakers also plans to extend access to customers who acquire BetLine terminals outright.

Karl Begg, CTO of BetMakers Technology Group, emphasized the company’s dedication to simplifying betting. “By implementing our BetLine Series, we aimed to streamline wagering terminal services and enable centralized monitoring and analysis for resource allocation, proactive measures, and swift incident resolution,” Begg stated. “With the introduction of OneWatch, our support teams will gain comprehensive oversight of critical wagering terminal systems, leaving no room for oversight.”

As part of its commitment to transform the global racing industry and enhance the wagering experience, BetMakers’ subsidiary, Global Tote, will leverage OneWatch to supervise its BetLine Series wagering terminals across the United States.

Begg added, “The BetLine Series and OneWatch Terminal monitoring solution represent just a fraction of our investments in technology and services that drive our commitment forward.” Earlier this month, Global Tote solidified its partnership with Meadowlands Racing through a 10-year agreement.

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