ESPN is proudly supporting the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in their mission to promote responsible sports betting practices and evaluate its impact on media. As a founding donor, ESPN is contributing $200,000 to UNLV’s IGI, a well-regarded institution in the gaming industry.

Together, UNLV and ESPN aim to navigate the complexities of the evolving world of sports betting. Their collaboration will focus on conducting research, providing education, and offering advisory services on responsible sports betting practices and its intersection with the media.

Brett Abarbanel, Executive Director of IGI, recognizes the significance of ESPN’s support. He believes it will help ensure that sports betting is represented responsibly and sustainably in the media.

The program’s objectives include promoting responsible gambling practices, developing insights based on evidence, implementing responsible marketing strategies, and educating leaders in the media industry.

UNLV’s IGI plans to utilize ESPN’s philanthropic investment across various aspects of the initiative, including personnel, research, global outreach, and operational needs.

Abarbanel envisions UNLV’s IGI as a center of academic excellence in this critical area and sees the collaboration as an extension of ESPN’s commitment to responsible sports betting.

In addition to this partnership, UNLV has recently joined forces with Boyd Gaming to establish the Boyd Innovation Lab, which focuses on advancing innovation in the hospitality sector. On the other hand, ESPN has collaborated with Penn Entertainment to launch ESPN Bet, an exciting multi-platform online sportsbook!

Overall, this collaboration between UNLV and ESPN represents a significant step forward in promoting responsible sports betting practices and ensuring its responsible representation in the media.

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