The Star Entertainment Group and the New South Wales Government have reached a definitive agreement on duty rate adjustments for casinos. This follows the initial agreement announced in August 2023. The revisions in duty rates, as detailed in Annexure A, reflect the previously outlined changes. Highlights include increased duty rates for Rebate Play, Non-Rebate Play in Table Games, and adjusted rates for Poker Machines until 2030. Robbie Cooke, CEO and Managing Director of The Star, emphasized the importance of these arrangements in preserving jobs and rebuilding trust. Some specific changes include a rise in Rebate Play duty from 10.0% to 12.5% and an increase in Non-Rebate Play duty for Table Games from 17.91% to 20.25%, both effective July 1, 2023. Duty rates for Poker Machines will remain unchanged until June 30, 2030, after which a tiered system based on Average Poker Machine Revenue will be implemented. Additionally, an Additional Levy will be imposed for Star Sydney gaming revenue exceeding $1.125bn annually. This formalization comes after The Star Entertainment Group’s earlier efforts to address financial challenges, including a capital restructuring and refinancing strategy. Despite a net loss of AU$2.44bn (US$1.57bn) for FY23, the company remains committed to restoring its operations.

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