The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s public website has been targeted in a cyber attack, causing it to go offline for several days. This attack also affected the website of the Nevada Gaming Commission. The impacted website contains important information such as meeting agendas, gaming regulations, press releases, statistics, and contact details. However, the cyber attack did not compromise gaming license details or financial records, as these are stored on a separate internal system. The Board is taking immediate action to protect the website and is working with experts to assess the situation. They are also preparing a temporary website for those in need of information. Other state agencies remain unaffected, and the Nevada Gaming Commission’s monthly meeting proceeded as scheduled without mention of the incident. This incident follows similar attacks on major casino operators in Nevada last year, causing financial losses and reputational harm. The Nevada Gaming Control Board had approved funds for upgrading its IT system last year, which is separate from the website and plays a role in board functions.

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