Iowa Nation Chairman, Jacob Keyes, had a plan to start building a casino in April 2024 and open it by mid-2026. However, this plan is facing obstacles. In 2019, Governor Kevin Stitt’s office rejected the tribe’s proposal for an exit ramp off the Turner Turnpike. As a result, guests have to take a longer route through Wellston to access the Ioway Casino.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also caused delays in construction, according to Jacob Keyes, Iowa Nation Chairman. The main problem is the gaming compacts proposed by Governor Kevin Stitt, which the Iowa Tribe finds unfavorable. Only two tribes have agreed to the new compact, while others, including the Iowa Tribe, have rejected it. The lack of a turnpike exit directly to the resort’s parking lot could slow down foot traffic and revenue, leading to a temporary halt in hotel construction.

Despite these challenges, Keyes is confident that these issues can be resolved through communication with supportive members of the legislature. As Chandler residents wait for updates on the envisioned gaming oasis, they are curious about its potential impact on the local community.

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