Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa has made a significant decision regarding the future of casinos in the country. In a broadcasted message, he announced the cancellation of a popular consultation that could have led to the reintroduction of casinos. While initially planning to include the question in a forthcoming referendum, President Noboa decided to remove it, citing concerns about the appropriateness of the citizen debate on the issue at this time.

This decision comes after facing criticism from lawmakers who warned of the potential for organized crime syndicates to exploit the reintroduction of casinos for money laundering. Despite this, the President has confirmed the inclusion of other questions in the planned popular consultation. These questions primarily focus on security, justice, and employment, with the aim of addressing pressing issues in the country.

President Noboa emphasized the importance of prioritizing the recovery of peace, the fight against terrorist groups, the consolidation of institutions, and the generation of employment in the citizen debate. These points were highlighted in a statement released by the Communication Secretariat of the Presidency. Earlier this month, the President took action to neutralize criminal gangs following a series of violent incidents. Despite these efforts, tensions remain high in the country.

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