The Queensland Government is taking significant steps to ensure the trustworthiness and transparency of casinos in the region. Through the introduction of ‘The Casino Control and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023,’ the government aims to implement the recommendations from the recent review of The Star Entertainment Group’s operations in Queensland.

Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, Yvette D’Ath, stated, “This Bill empowers us to fulfill all 12 recommendations outlined in Mr. Gotterson’s review. It will require regular inquiries into organizations associated with Queensland casinos every five years.”

Among the key provisions in the bill are restrictions on cash usage, mandatory breaks during gameplay, and the adoption of new technologies by casinos. Additionally, stricter penalties will be imposed for certain breaches to combat gambling-related harm and money laundering.

In 2021, the Queensland Government initiated a four-year plan to enhance regulation and hold gambling operators more accountable for customer well-being. To ensure that the costs of regulating casinos do not burden taxpayers, a supervision levy will be imposed on casino licensees.

D’Ath further emphasized, “These reforms are part of our ongoing efforts to modernize Queensland’s gambling and casino laws, making them more effective for the present and the future.”

To address previous shortcomings, the Queensland Government had fined the Star Entertainment Group in 2021. However, instead of immediate suspension, the government deferred the suspension of the group’s casino licenses for a year to closely monitor their operations.

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