The Louisiana Lottery, Loto-Quebec, and Atlantic Lottery will soon offer an exciting new scratch game. This innovative game starts with an intuitive play action and includes perforated holes for even more chances to win.

In August, the Louisiana Lottery launched their Punch N’Play game called New Orleans Saints, with Loto-Quebec following in September with a sports-themed game called Le Billet. The Atlantic Lottery will also be joining in on the fun with their game, Winning Snowballs, which will be launching in November.

Scientific Games is proud to introduce Punch N’Play right before the highly anticipated North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries 2023 Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to see and experience our portfolio of games.

Danielle Hodges, Director of Global Product Innovation & Development at Scientific Games, explains the thinking behind the Punch N’Play game: “We believe in creating a game portfolio that balances profitability and entertainment value. Data analysis helps us strike that balance. Every element of our game portfolio, from playstyle to price point, is strategically designed to entertain players and drive sales.”

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