Felix Faulkner, a solicitor at Poppleston Allen, provided his insights on the matter to Gambling Insider. According to Faulkner, the recent ruling on Gary Neville’s use of a Sky Bet tweet was unexpected, as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been more lenient with other retired footballers in gambling ads. However, Neville’s social media presence seemed to play a role in the investigation.

This ruling is not an isolated incident. In fact, three other cases involving bet365, William Hill, and Ladbrokes were brought to the attention of the ASA in August. The ASA found the ad in question through its Active Ad Monitoring system, which uses AI to search for potential advertising rule violations.

Faulkner emphasized that gambling operators should take note of the ASA’s tough approach towards compliance with advertising rules. It is clear that the ASA prioritizes the regulation of gambling ads, and operators should ensure that all of their ads meet the required standards.

Faulkner argued that the use of AI-based systems by the ASA demonstrates their active enforcement of gambling advertising regulations. This further highlights the importance of compliance in the gambling industry.

The ruling on Sky Bet is just one example of the industry’s ongoing effort to uphold advertising rules and regulations. Faulkner concluded by noting the ASA’s proactive approach to ensuring compliance among gambling operators. It is apparent that they are using their AI-based system to tackle gambling ads more effectively. Operators would be wise to ensure that all their advertisements adhere to these regulations.

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