Veikkaus, a leading gaming company, has introduced a new identification requirement for its gambling games. Starting from the beginning of 2024, players will need to verify their identity to participate in both digital and physical channel games.

This move follows a successful identification requirement that was implemented earlier in 2023 for coupon games like Lotto and Eurojackpot. The aim of this requirement is to prevent gaming disadvantages and ensure age limit compliance, ultimately creating a safer gaming environment for all.

Players can easily identify themselves using familiar methods, such as a Veikkaus Card, a personal or driving license, a Kela card, or a mobile card within the Veikkaus application.

Veikkaus’ Responsibility Director, Susanna Saikkonen, highlights the benefits of this new system. With identification, customers can track their total play history and stay within annual loss limits. It provides a more transparent and responsible gaming experience.

Ville Venojärvi, Head of Lottery Games at Veikkaus, reassures players that the change will not disrupt their lottery experience. Identification is already a familiar procedure for players of coupon games, and the recent Christmas lottery sale showed no evidence of players stockpiling tickets. This demonstrates the familiarity and acceptance of identification among players.

Overall, Veikkaus is leading the way in implementing comprehensive identification controls for gaming, making it the first gaming company in the world to require identification across all games. This bold step ensures a safer, more responsible gaming experience for all players.

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