Nobody can run a business without at least some commercial. That is especially true for online gaming venues that run their business in a staggeringly competitive environment. Not being heard online and/or offline means practical sinking into oblivion for a gaming parlor. That’s why winning marketing strategies for online casinos are necessary, so the venue can be heard, found online, people know about it, and come to play there. We’re exploring in this article some practical advice on how to develop a winning marketing strategy for a gambling establishment.

What is a casino marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy for a house of gambling is a complex plan of action that is designed to attract new people to the venue, make them deposit and play, retain the existing gamers by offering them various interesting perks, and eventually maximize revenue. 

Create a casino marketing strategy that works

The development of a marketing strategy (MS) must be done by marketing professionals since this is a large assignment with multiple steps, where hands-on expertise and experience are required for each step.

Building an MS comprises several important steps, each producing outputs for the development of the correct approaches to advertise a gambling establishment online/offline:

  1. Market research
  2. Develop correct branding of a betting club
  3. Elaborate on the approaches to outer and inner advertising
  4. Decide what channels of marketing will be used
  5. Design paid and free marketing actions
  6. Constant monitoring and analysis of the undertaken actions.

We will explore the mentioned in more detail throughout this article.

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The importance of building a marketing strategy

A comprehensive MS is more than just knowledge about how the gaming venue will be promoted via various channels of communication. An online casino digital marketing strategy is also necessary for:

  • Setting the business guidelines for promotion in general and specifics
  • Allocating budgets, personnel, and efforts to every ad activity
  • Understanding the profile of the target audience and constantly refining it via recurring data-gaining
  • Setting clear objectives for advertising
  • Monitoring results to know where and when to make adjustments to maximize ROI.

What marketing strategies do casinos use?

Below, we’re looking at some best MS that online gambling establishments use in their daily activities.

Email marketing

Sending ad emails still has its relevance in the world of gaming clubs since people do not refrain from using emails, which they need for business, pleasure, and personal goals. Using this tool helps tell audiences about the existence of one’s gaming parlor, its games, bonuses and other promo incentives, and deliver personalized content that can be potentially interesting to users. Although such ad direction does turn into spam pretty often and sometimes emails are sent to people without their consent, this can be avoided to increase the efficacy of email campaigns by asking people for their explicit consent via subscription to a newsletter.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all online channels of advertising that exist in the world today: SMM, SEO, PPC, affiliate programs, blogging, etc. That is basically the entire variety of paid and free online advertising. 

Content marketing

Content marketing for online gaming clubs means focusing on creating valuable, relevant, meaningful, interesting, and entertaining content to attract and engage existing and potential players. There are multiple kinds of content: blog posts, videos, audios, infographics, social media posts, textual banners, and pages of a website of a gaming venue.

Social media marketing

SMM is a frequent tool in the hands of online marketers. Using SMM, it is possible to advertise to a really broad audience via such networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), Telegram, Viber, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, Tumblr, WhatsApp, WeChat, Discord, Twitch, Quora, Wikipedia, Yelp, or Google services, such as Maps.

Each of the named social networks has its own limits, requirements, and formats for placing ads. Wikipedia, for instance, is one of the toughest to place advertising, as it poses itself as an informational resource, not an infotainment one, but it is still possible. 

Print marketing

In contrast to digital marketing, there is traditional marketing, which is oftentimes referred to as offline marketing. Traditional marketing includes such channels of advertising communication as billboards, radio, TV, print media, advertising in transport, and during events. Print marketing is a part of traditional marketing (as it excludes radio and TV and focuses solely on those physical carriers that are printed on paper or other surfaces). 

Ad printing is possible on:

  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • City lights
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Physical mail
  • Books
  • Utility bills, etc.
What is an online casino digital marketing strategy?

Loyalty marketing

Such an online casino marketing strategy as loyalty marketing focuses on rewarding players who stay with the house of gambling by giving them various bonuses in the form of bonus money, free spins, free play, free bets, comp points, real money, and physical gifts, elevating them in the internal VIP system, offering intangible yet pleasant benefits such as early access to exclusive gaming offers, invitations to closed parties, and underscoring players’ uniqueness in many other ways.

This all is to be done to retain players within a gambling establishment for as long as possible and make them gamble for money, ultimately increasing their LTV (lifetime value).

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is referring a friend or another person to get paid in money or bonuses from a betting club. Professional affiliates can bring to a club even more punters than other channels combined. This marks the importance of utilizing this tool in the ad activities of gaming venues.


This type of activity involves collaborating with other brands or entities to create joint marketing initiatives. This can be partnering with popular gaming studios, sports teams, or other entertainment venues to offer exclusive promotions, themed games, interesting events or gifts, and other things. Typically, this activity includes uniting two brands in co-branding products. Examples of that are (in particular, cooperation of sports teams with online gaming parlors):

  • New Jersey Devils and Caesars Entertainment
  • NHL and MGM Resorts International
  • Seattle Seahawks and Snoqualmie Casino
  • Dallas Cowboys and Winstar Casino
  • New York Jets and BetMGM.

Creating a casino marketing strategy in three simple steps

Although building marketing strategies for online casinos is a large process with many people, data, and tools involved, it can be boiled down to three main steps.

Collect data and research

During the data collection stage, information is gathered about:

  • Potential or existing audience (demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data)
  • Geographic data and legal landscape of the geo for regulatory compliance
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data about technology to be used by a gambling establishment, its strengths and weaknesses
  • Marketing channels availability and cost.

Outline marketing objectives

At this stage, clear and measurable goals are established based on the data collected at the previous stage. Such specific actions are taken:

  • Goal definition according to the SMART principle. Goals are usually set ambitious yet realistic
  • Establishing KPIs for reaching the goals
  • Implementing the procedure to track the progress in the implementation of the goals and making changes when necessary
  • Reviewing and refining the goals on a periodic basis to align them with business realities.

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Create a plan of action

At this stage, based on the established goals, there is a necessity to understand how they will be implemented in practice. To do that, the following steps are made:

  • Setting the resources to achieve these goals (personnel, finances, time, efforts)
  • Selecting advertising channels for a gaming venue, prioritizing resources among them
  • Developing the tasks for the rest of the team of the mother company of a gaming venue so they align with the achievement of marketing goals.

9 casino marketing strategies that work

Now let’s look at the marketing tasks that are necessary for each gambling establishment on the Internet.

Boost casino discoverability

The main task of every marketer is to make an online gaming parlor discoverable on the vast plains of the Internet and discernible from competitors. This is achieved through a range of online actions, which are collectively called ‘digital marketing’. Allocating budgets and efforts in each of these actions will depend on the marketing strategy and business vision.

Design targeted marketing campaigns

Designing targeted marketing campaigns means correctly ‘hitting’ specific audience segments, who are believed to be capable of bringing the biggest money inflow to the gambling establishment. To make this activity correctly, it is necessary to identify the audience, segment it, understand its needs and pains, set clear objectives of campaigns for each segment, craft correct messages through relevant channels utilizing the latest technology, test, and iterate to fine-tune.

Pursue groups and events

People are social creatures. They also love to belong to a specific group that’s formed by some criteria: interests, background, beliefs, cultural identity, political views, shared values, and even something more minor, like mutual ailments, same height or gender, etc. The task of a wise betting club marketer is to identify these groups where people gather online and offline based on their mutual interest in betting and gambling. These can be clubs, forums, groups on social media, Telegram channels, events, etc. After identifying them, it is important to:

  • Join
  • Participate
  • Offer ad essence and value
  • Create tailored content and messages
  • Influence and direct the lives of these groups
  • Build long-lasting relationships.

Explore sensory casino marketing

Sensory marketing means leveraging sensory experiences to engage players:

  • Visual appeal: smooth website, great appearance of games and interfaces, enticing pictures and videos. That’s basically an alluring visual content
  • Great audio design: sound effects and music in games, tournaments, events, plus voiceover of advertisements
  • Interactive elements (animation, gamification)
  • Tactile experience: whenever possible, incorporate new technologies into the gaming process that allow the usage of tactile gloves, helmets, and costumes in games. This will form a sense of tangible gambling
  • More emotional connection. Shower punters with positive emotions connected to the gambling process: joy, happiness, winnings, excitement, and positive anticipation. This will form a stronger emotional connection to the brand.
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Think beyond the gaming floor

While gambling in the app or website of a gambling establishment is the core idea of all marketing actions, bringing in more new clients and retaining the existing ones must go widely beyond the gaming floor and include such things:

  • Invitations of gamesters to various events, the level and prestige of which will directly depend on the level of client segment and their LTV: shows, concerts, sports events, clubbing, standup comedy nights, conferences, conventions, business events, infotainment events, gather-ups, community events, charitable events, dinners, afterparties, etc.
  • Deliver precious gifts to precious gamblers: offer them exclusive events for free or for a small price. These are such: high-end restaurants, closed-type parties, VIP lounges, gifts of luxury brands, shopping experiences, designer items, recreation facilities and events, going to resorts, flying on private jets, cultural events, etc.
  • Build the brand presence in the offline space: become a sponsor of various events, sports teams, communities, etc.

Serve consumers some social proof

Include pieces of feedback from other customers into the website, app, and third-party websites that are reputable amongst gamblers for giving them opinions and facts about gambling establishments.

Pay attention to gaming trends

Maybe one day, the gaming industry will stop evolving and say, “We’ve reached perfection so we aren’t going to change anymore”. But before it happens, it evolves and changes every single day. Keeping up with trends literally means staying alive.

Partner with outside businesses

During marketing efforts, partnering with outside businesses on a constant or periodic basis is a wonderful solution. 

Most often, a partnership is organized between gaming parlors and such businesses:

  • Payment processors
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Software providers
  • Entertainment companies
  • Hospitality companies
  • Tech providers
  • Media companies
  • Charitable foundations
  • Various local businesses.

Bear in mind, though, that such a partnership may be subject to legislative regulations, so this issue must be studied thoroughly before entering into it. For instance, limitations may be imposed to show ads or credentials of betting clubs near hospitals, educational institutions, or public places, such as transport or stadiums.

Incentivize repeat visits

A recurring gambler is one who usually brings more money than one-time players. That’s why it is in the best interest of every gaming club to have as many recurring punters as possible. Attracting them to keep playing in the same venue can be done via a number of incentives, such as:

  • Special bonuses, promos, and offers
  • Increasing lifetime value of offers
  • Accumulating remuneration system.
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Casino marketing FAQs

  • How much do casinos spend on marketing?

It is hard to tell for sure on a global scale, how much marketing dollars are spent exactly by online gambling establishments since there is no such data exposed in full. However, if a marketing budget is between 5% and 25% of all revenues of gaming parlors, and in 2023, the revenue generated by them around the world was collectively at least $39 billion, that means that per year, the number of marketing dollars spent is anything between $1.95 billion and $9.75 billion. 

Taking the fact that there are around 4,800 legal online gaming clubs plus around 10,000 illegal ones (those operating without a license or otherwise falling out of the legal scope), each online gaming parlor on average spends from $131.7 thousand to $658.8 thousand on marketing each year. 

That number reflects no real picture of the spending of gambling establishments because some of them may actually spend very little while others spend dozens of millions of dollars a year. Expenses will directly depend on the activity of the marketing strategy of each venue and its financial policy.

  • What is a casino brand activation campaign?

A gambling establishment brand activation campaign is a marketing initiative designed to increase brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty through interactive experiences, events, and promotions. It is not the creation of it from scratch — it implies that some already existing venue wants not to be forgotten by the audience and launches a campaign to remind of itself. Such campaigns may be recurring or ongoing.

  • Where do casinos gather customer data?

Various sources of information are used:

  • Data that people fill in on the website or app of a gambling establishment during registration, KYC, payments, AML, communication to support, gaming activities, etc.
  • Through allowed technical tracking (cookies and similar tech options)
  • From ‘data collection machines’ such as Facebook and Google, who have tons of data about people on Earth who leave a digital footprint (and similar companies, who gather and sell client data for profit)
  • From email and other campaigns that collect feedback from users
  • Direct surveys and feedback that people send on their own will
  • Customer interaction through a multitude of channels.

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