This definitive step symbolizes Xace’s endorsement as a trusted financial institution for the iGaming industry in European markets. Designed to cater to the specific needs of online iGaming companies, Xace offers a comprehensive suite of services. First and foremost, it secures named business accounts, ensuring a level of transparency and security that surpasses traditional banking standards. With Xace, local and cross-border payments are facilitated with seamless efficiency, complemented by a strategic approach to the intricacies of the foreign exchange markets.

The accession of the MFSA licence affirms Xace’s commitment to becoming the go-to financial partner for iGaming entities. It stands as a beacon of reliability, offering innovative, tailormade payment solutions that remain ahead of the curve. Xace’s achievement paves the way for a more robust, secure, and integrated financial ecosystem within the iGaming industry, with capabilities to handle the complex web of international transactions and diverse regulatory landscapes that it constitutes.

Echoing the sentiments of Xace’s leadership, the acquisition of the MFSA licence is hailed as a milestone that promises to redefine the financial aspect of the iGaming world – bringing stability, security, and a reputation of the highest order. As European iGaming businesses seek a financial provider that can keep pace with their needs, Xace stands ready to step into this significant role. It’s an alliance that promises growth and innovation, underpinned by Xace’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

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