Discover why a reliable payment platform is essential for Africa’s booming MSMEs and millions of consumers. With 90% of businesses in Africa being micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises, the demand for accessible and secure payment solutions is undeniable.

In Kenya, cash payments on delivery currently account for 40% of online transactions, followed by card payments at 25%. But what about the remaining options? Dive into the latest statistics on online payment methods in 2022.

But here’s the catch: as of January 2023, only a fraction of Kenya’s population has internet access, with just 17.86 million internet users out of over 55 million people. Join the conversation on bridging the digital divide and expanding internet accessibility for all.

In a game-changing alliance, Xprizo and M-Pesa are revolutionizing the way we handle payments. This dynamic partnership aims to bridge gaps in the payment ecosystem, making cross-border transactions effortless and empowering businesses with powerful local operations tools.

Thanks to this collaboration, Xprizo users can now seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds using M-Pesa, directly into their Xprizo wallet. This unlocks a world of possibilities, from making transactions in international e-commerce environments to enjoying convenient wallet-to-wallet functionalities.

Businesses can take it a step further by integrating the full Xprizo wallet, allowing users to effortlessly top up their accounts using M-Pesa or other integrated solutions. With their Xprizo wallet, consumers can easily make transactions with any Xprizo-registered merchant. Alternatively, they have the option to pay directly via M-Pesa on a merchant’s website.

Xprizo CEO Richard Mifsud enthusiastically shared his thoughts on this game-changing partnership: “M-Pesa has transformed the way we manage money. With Xprizo, we’re taking that revolution to the next level with cross-border payments and corporate services. We’re incredibly optimistic about the new possibilities that the Xprizo payment aggregator brings.”

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